Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.

This is a tribute message from Tolulope Adedayo to his late mother Dcn Christianah Monisola Adedayo who slept in the lord on the 30th of November 2015.


Mummy mi, MONISOLA, My confidant, my teacher, my guide, my wife, my sister. To the world you might have been one person, but to me, you were the whole world.

Mummy you could not build mansions, companies, factories, or empires, but you built ME & my Siblings, Oluwafemi, Olajumoke, Taiwo & Kehinde. You did not leave millions behind in your bank accounts, but you left behind enduring legacies worth much more than millions.

Who could dispute the fact that you were a virtuous wife & mother ? Who does not know of your framed patience & enduring spirit ? You were a Godly mother, You not only taught me the way of The Lord, you also led me in the way by your examples, You taught me to love The Lord, pray & study the word of God always, hence be committed to the fellowship. What more could I have asked for ?

You & Dad were never slack in constantly teaching, motivating, encouraging, and inspiring us with the words of God & so many proverbs; Mommy, I remember how lazy I was during my childhood , but you rammed into my little head that a stitch in time saves nine, you often said as you lay your bed, so you lie on it...I also learnt from you to always make hay while the sun shines. Your words turned my life right,I started working hard & to the Glory of God today, I am getting there. You helped me nurtured my potentials immensely.

All through my Nursery, Primary, High School, & University Education, You were a pillar to me, You Supported me in every way you could. Without any doubt, MONISOLA impacted lives of everyone that came across her, is it Family ? Relatives ? Community ? Church ? Workplace ? Honestly, she did impacted peoples lives everywhere she stayed & beyond.

But while I have been mourning your departure with uncontrollable tears, am much more comforted by the news of your Triumphant Glory,  we are all happy.

But for the umpteenth time, I wonder within myself again, 'So it is true' My mother is no more, my partner is no more, my best friend is no more ? What a Life !

With sorrow in my heart, but with immense Gratitude to God for a short life  well spent, I say ADIEU MUMMY !

I love you & you know I really do, I will forever miss you, all our conversations, our daily arguments, our daily chats, our daily quarels, & all those delicacies you always make for us. Mummy, we your children will miss your love& kind words, But we believe God is with us, He knows why he took you way from us at this time.

Mummy, you will forever live in our hearts, I will immortalise you, both in my heart & on the physical with a Memorial Foundation, but Mummy do me a favour, please say hello to Daddy, talk with him, he really wants to hear from you. Thanks wifey.

Sleep well my mommy, & continue to rest till when we shall meet again to part no more.


Your Beloved Son,
Omo Obajimo

TRIBUTE TO MY LATE MOTHER (DEACONESS CHRISTIANAH M - @toluadedayo TRIBUTE TO MY LATE MOTHER (DEACONESS CHRISTIANAH M - @toluadedayo Reviewed by Mikkyanu Bobo on Friday, December 11, 2015 Rating: 5

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