Interview with Perfecta

Here is an excerpt of an interview session by with Perfecta Ekpo, after the release of her singles video, Topisin in the United States.

Hello Perfecta, may we meet you?

PERFECTA: Perfecta Ekpo is a singer, dancer, drummer, actress and a choreographer. A multi-talented lady from the southern region of Nigeria. I am a vibrant and exciting entertainer with a flair for the people and the stage.

I am a theater Arts graduate from the University of Calabar, Nigeria where I majored in choreography . After graduation, I moved to New York in the United States and have worked with much as a professional choreographer.

<b>What's so special gift(s) do you have?</b>

PERFECTA: I have special gifts in my dancing feet and singing voice.

<b>How far have you gone in music?</b>

PERFECTA: From Africa to America, I have don't sit down. During the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election, the regional, ethnic, tribal tensions and the volatile partisan politics in the country at the time, I felt compelled to lend my voice to defuse the situation in Nigeria.

I teamed up with the prolific hit maker producer <em>Young D</em>, to come up with a patriotic song titled "Hope For Nigeria" which is still getting air play. Currently I have a new single tilted TOPISIN that's making head waves.

Some of the Troupes I have worked for include: The National Troupe of Nigeria 2003 to 2005 .  Professor Niyi Coker, University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2005. 

Duke University of North Carolina in 2005. 
The Borough of Manhattan Community College in 2006. 

Perfecta Ekpo is presently choreographing for a New York dance Troupe and also teaching African/Akwa Ibom culture and dance, part time with New York Board of Education.

<b>You recently released your video, Topisin, what does Topisin mean?</b>

PERFECTA: Topisin is an Akwa Ibom word that simply means throw your waist and bounce your waist side to side.

<b>How do you feel releasing the video?</b>

PERFECTA: I am very excited about the video , the response has been very good and right now the video is doing very well, i must say.

<b>The song is full of dance and energy, what inspires that?</b>

PERFECTA: Well the words in the song tells it all, it says it doesn't matter your troubles we are in this together the Lord God is able, one day you go bubble.

It means let loose and forget your troubles for now for God will take over and that's where the dance moves comes in.

<b>How many songs have you now and what more should we expect?</b>

PERFECTA: I have 3 songs that are out so far; Hope For Nigeria, Amanam and Topisin and we have 7 songs waiting to be released, we are on schedule to release 4 songs by summer of 2016 so we have been very busy.

<b>What is your take about the Nigerian music industry?</b>

PERFECTA: Here in New York City they now play Nigerian music in clubs and yes even on the  radio sometimes, so it is gradually going global, I believe the sky is the limit for Nigerian music.

<b><em>A word for your fans.</em></b>

PERFECTA: I will like to take this opportunity to  thank all my fans for supporting me and believing in me and to keep me in their prayers. Also look out for more hits on the way. They can also watch my new single Topisin by typing Perfecta Ekpo Topisin on YouTube thank you all and God bless. 

(You can follow and contact Perfecta Ekpo on and on

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